Domaine de la côte de Berne - La gamme des vins

Blacé commune


Clay and silt


South, hillsides with good sunshine


100% Gamay


30 years old


Gobelet and cordon pruning; Disburding; Crop-covering; Control of load of grapes per vinestock.


Hand picking. Selective picking.


Pressing at faint pressure (1,5 bar maximum).

Alcoholic fermentation at low temperature (14/16°C) in order to favour and preserve the aromas formation.

Control of temperatures.

Malolactic fermentation done at 100%.


Research fruit bouquet and fineness.


His freshness allows to savour this wine wine during 2 years after his grape-picking.


Can be served at 10-12°C temperature with salads, melon, white meat, grilled meat, fish, Provence cuisine, Asian cuisine.

The vine:


The soil:


The exposure:


The grape-variety:


The age:


The training system:



The grape-picking:


The vinification:






The features:


The ageing:


Pair to wine and food:

The A.O.C. Beaujolais Rosé is one of the rare rose wines from to Gamay.


Salmon-pink colour and reveal citrus fruit fragrances and red berries.

A.O.C. Beaujolais Rosé 2009