Côte de Berne Domain - Our know-how

In our vineyards, we practice rational pest control in order to respect the environment.

        To know if an insecticide treatment is necessary we use trapping and flowery bands. We could observed that less treatment allow auxiliary fauna, diversified and predator of vineyards ravaging insects.

             We practice too crop-covering between the rows. This method allows a better soil aeration and limits treatments. It also reduces weedkiller products using. The grass on the soil leaves no place for weed.

We use two pruning method for Gamay variety: goblet pruning and cordon pruning.

For Chardonnay variety we practice cane pruning.

The Cote de Berne Domain perpetuates the tradition of hand picking for a better quality.

Each plot is vinified according to its qualitative potential and the objectives of the domain for the best coloring and aromatic intensity.

The blending control of the domain is an important part of the vinification.

Then we can appreciate the different cuvées of white, rosé and red wines that are acknowledged in 2008 and 2009 WINES HACHETTE GUIDE and rewarded by the 2009 PARIS AGRICULTURAL COMPETITION.

From the first growth in the vineyard, we make sure that the conditions are optimal for the vegetation to grow and for the grapes maturation.

        For a better aeration of the vegetation and maturation of the grapes we practice summer pruning. This technique is used in order to remove the vegetation that is not fruit-bearing.

           We use two training system for the leaves: trellising for Chardonnay and young Gamay vineyards and hand keeping for older plots.

           We try to develop the canopy for the optimal needs of sun exposure in order to improve photosynthesis.

In 3 to 80 years old vineyard, the know-how of the Côte de Berne Domain evolved along the last decades.

We vinify 16,5 hectares (= 41,5 acres) where Gamay is the main grape variety. But it’s not the only one, we also find a white grape variety: Chardonnay.